Puersen Products

358 High Security Fence

358 Security Fence are extremely difficult to penetrate, with the small mesh aperture being effectively finger proof...

Welded Wire Mesh Panel

Puersen produces welded wire mesh fabrics for floor reinforcement

Welded Wire Mesh

Welded wire mesh is made of low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire after welding and surface treating.

Welded Gabion

Puersen Welded gabion box is quick and easy to install. Its easy to handle,which means more work,less labor and high productivity an the job

Steel Grating

Steel grating enjoy the feature of high strength, light structure, high bearing, convenience for loading and other propertier.

Gabion Box

Gabion are double twisted hexagonal woven galvanized steel wire mesh compartmented baskets with a rectangular box shape.

Reinforcing Trench Mesh

Puersen Reinforcing trench mesh products all come 6.0m longs, available in 3-Bar, 4-Bar, 5-Bar and 6-Bar, as well as 8, 11 and 12mm wires.

Reinforcing Mesh

Reinforcing Mesh is used to provide tensile strength and crack control to structural concrete elements.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Hexagonal wire mesh also called: Hexagonal wire netting, Chicken wire mesh.